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For years, our message has been that if you want to. Gasket, aw5550snaw5551sn front valve body spacer plate to middle valve body. Electrical control parts 55 each electrical parts oil temperature sensor 0 degree c. Durable machinery for quality valve body rebuilding manufactured in the uk. Aw55 50 valve body pdf download, aw55 50 valve body, aw55 50sn valve body, body valve aw55 50sn, nissan aw55 50sn valve body, aw55 50sn valve body install, bmw valve body, valve body ctx, 722. Volvo transmission fix volvo transmission repair sacramento. On the 55 50sn valve body, a clean core is not indicative of the function.

Spring installs into the case, followed by the thermal. Replace oe boost assembly this kit includes an increased ratio boost assembly and strong pressure regulator valve spring. Sonnax zip kit aw5550snzip targets the root cause of multiple complaints by sealing the critical circuit pressure losses in aisin aw 55 5051sn valve bodies. Af1420 10 55 50sn 87000 6040le af 1115000 t35 19000 t35tb, t37tb 19000 t65, t66 19000 tf80, tf81, 40le aveo na. You must purchase the entire solenoid body assembly, if necessary. Press release tab and lift connector retainer figure 4. We offer a resulting pdf file created in test scenario mode at the end of the each test. Hand tighten, then tighten in the sequence shown to. The aw5550 gearbox relies on adaptive data to properly adjust its shift pressure. Aisinwarner aw5550sn valve body replacement in 2002 v70xc overview. To find more books about aw55 50 valve body pdf download, you can use related keywords. Aw 55 50sn af 2333 diagnosis and valve body information free download as pdf file. This spring is used in b or c valve body castings only figures 1 and 4 of.

Aisin warner af40 tf80sc tf81sc af21 awf21 af4 1 feb 10. Body, located on the valve body, and are not serviced seperately. Wellington parts corp aw5550sn aw5551sn af335 new linear solenoid kit 3 pcs rostra. Displays an exploded view location guide for individual valve trains. Aw 5550sn af 2333 diagnosis and valve body information scribd. The color of this solenoids set might be different from the picture.

Remove 10 or 11 bolts to drop valve body from case figure 5. This b4 servo cover update can solve these symptoms in many cases. Service and repair work of automatic transmission aw 55 50sn 51sn were simplified. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. The 55 5051 sn is installed into a multitude of vehicles and there will be variations to the unit and this data. Some aw5550 valve body mysteries lets start with identifying the aw 55 50 valve body and the differences that matter when youre choosing a replacement valve body.

Aisinwarner aw5550sn valve body replacement in 2002. A f23 af33 re5f22a aw5550sn aw5551sn valve body for g m chevolet volvo saab opelvauxhall saturn suzuki infiniti. Sonnax zip kit aw5550centzip targets the root cause of multiple complaints by sealing the critical circuit pressure losses in aisin aw 55 5051cent. The detailed steps below correlate to the quick guide steps. Va05 sf99 servo bore repair system for aisin warner 55 50sn, 55 51sn this kit repairs the third gear servo pin bore, correcting the. Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine whats available for the specific valve body youre working on.

The gearbox is a conventional multistep automatic with hydrodynamic torque converter and electrohydraulically operated planetary gear. The kit contains uniquely designed parts to prevent the loss of pressures within. Af23 af33 aw5550sn aw5551sn re5f22a valve body for. The sonnax valve body reaming fixture allows for consistent reaming results, ease of use and access to bores previously unserviceable with standard bench style tool kits. The overall seal heights on these vary depending on application. Information about rebuild transmission aw 55 50sn 51sn a new modification of the transmission appeared, which fixed all the minor bugs of the hydraulics and changed the algorithm of the gears. There are four castings, which can be identified by either a letter cast into the valve body just to the right of the s4 solenoid or a blank spot.

Atsg aw 55 50sn 51sn af2333 5 re5f22a fa 57 techtran. Building on this philosophy, our top technicians and engineers craft innovative parts which solve rootcause transmission problems and restore. To identify core as generation 1 versus generation 2, check for presence of 456 clutch boost valve in the control valve body assembly figures 1. Aw5550 aw5551sn aisin warner 55 50 55 51sn valve body aisin warner 55 50 55 51sn valve body current rating is 0. The 09g gearbox is developed and manufactured by the japanese transmissions specialist aisin aw co.

This kit does not contain a pan gasket or valve body gaskets. Automatic transmission b4 servo cover update aw555051. Aw5550sn shift pointers automatic transmission transmission. Aw5550sn rebuild pdf one of the most problematic transmissions on the road today is awsn transmission. Aw5550 re5f22a af335 aw5550sn new duraprene fiber valve body cover pan gasket 2001on. Fwd 4 speed aisin warner 6040le a reverse clutch c e b low reverse clutch d rear planet 34 clutch 34 coast clutch drum forward clutch forward drum coast clutch forward sprag. Aw 5550sn af 2333 diagnosis and valve body information. The pcm also receives input signals from various sensors and switches, located internally and externally, that affect proper transmission operation. Aw5550 sn valve body pan gasket fits nissan re5f22a gm. Automatic transmission catalog automatic transmission catalog. Install solenoid body and secure with 11 bolts figure 7.

The 6speed automatic gearbox 09g is used in the audi a3 04 and audi tt. Product description aw5550sn complete valve body, sonnax upgrades, gaskets and subkit, remanufactured linear solenoids, tested shifts, 100% tested tech notes. Thats become synonymous with the highest quality we. Early aw5550 valve bodies can have either no letter or an a cast to the right. Reference the sonnax identification guide to verify the correct valve body is installed. Aw 55 50sn af 2333 sonnax transmission parts for aisin aw 55 51sn. This is an update to the previously published procedure. I have performed this procedure twice, first on my 2002 v70 xc and later on my 2002 v70 t5. A similar valve body will bolt to a gm, volvo, saturn, nissan, saab, opel or renault. All this has allowed improvement to the automatic aisin transmission aw 55 50sn 51sn. This material is a route past the thin ice that other travelers have marked. The following will provide a brief description of each.

Zf suggests this be replaced on every valve body rr. Hand tighten first, then tighten in indicated sequence to 106 lbin figure 10. It is possible for transmission damage to occur when the transmission engages harshly after a flare condition under heavy load. Aisinwarner aw55 50sn valve body replacement in 2002 v70xc overview. I removed and reinstalled the valve body on the aisinwarner aw5550sn transmission. Install valve body into transmission using 10 blue 62mm bolts. I removed and reinstalled the valve body on the aisinwarner aw55 50sn transmission. Failure to test and recognize can create hours of additional effort. Early aw5550 valve bodies can have either no letter or an a cast to the right of th s4 solenoid. For all other cars with the aw 55 50, please see tnn 4320 this tnn supercedes the previous tnn 4327 dated 71502. Aisinwarner aw5550sn valve body replacement in 2002 v70xc. Other times, it may take a software update or the flare problem has gone on too long and the transmission valve body is physically damaged. Automatic transmission catalog automatic transmission. Aw 5550sn af 2333 diagnosis and valve body information free download as pdf file.

Once the valve body is in position, insert the park rod into the manual shift lever and hold the valve body in place with a couple of bolts. Chrysler a604 41te 1 no part of any atsg publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission of automatic transmission service group. Nissan 2004 only does not include spring under the b5 control valve, has a b or c casting stamp and the s2 solenoid has a flat top with 4 ribs. At these flags per say, the test or inspection, frequently points to the valve body, as it accounts for the majority of the transmissions issues. Remove seven bolts to remove tcm from valve body figure 6.

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