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Design of axial flux permanentmagnet lowspeed machines and performance comparison between radial flux and axial flux machines lappeenranta 2005 153 p. In term of flux flow, design of electric motor can be divided to two types. Government and alliance retain a nonexclusive royaltyfree license to publish or reproduce. Axial flux motors, on the other hand, offer the lowest possible copper loss. This unwanted induced current is also called eddy current.

The stator is commonly referred to as an air core stator because it contains no steel to cause the cogging effect. Pdf a comparison of electric motors for electrical. In other words, more of the battery power gets turned into useful motor power. An axial flux generator is configured so that the magnet flux runs parallel to the rotor shaft. As with the stator, also the rotor core consists of electrically laminated steel sheets. Design considerations of a transverse flux machine for. Instead of wrapping the coils around a steel core to direct the flux, the axial flux coils are encased in resin and the subsequent. A comparison of electric motors for electrical submersible pumps used in the oil and gas industry.

The neldermead method used for the optimization 11 is a gradientfree. Its operation is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in a. This phenomenon was believed is the main power source that drives the johnson. An example of an axial flux motor with multirotor and stator is. A novel transverse flux machine for vehicle traction. Dc motors although ac motors are used in most of the cases, dc motors have many applications and used for multipurpose applications. Government and alliance retain a nonexclusive royaltyfree license to publish or reproduce the published form of this contribution, or allow. New axial flux electric motors pack more ev power in a. Login to altair connect to download hyperworks 2019.

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